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GIS Server Virtual Machine: Beta version 2012Jan08

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On-line Demo: Antarctica Data Browser, Greenland Data Browser

This is the map interface for radar depth sounder (RDS) data and provides direct download links to CReSIS data FTP site. All the data from 1993 to 2011 can be accessed through the online map.  The interface is highly customizable and easy to be embedded in other websites. Please refer to the user's guide for more details. 

Release Notes:

  1. The virtual machine is designed for PolarGrid developers to explore the potentials to integrate GIS services into their data processing toolbox.
  2. The virtual machine is intended for the internal testing only; please check the instruction document for the details
  3. The virtual machine is based on Ubuntu, configured with 1 virtual CPU and 512 memory; A laptop shall have enough computing power for development purpose.
  4. The virtual machine is compressed with 7Zip, it takes 5GB harddisk space once unpacked.
  5. The virtual machine runs with free VMware Player and VirutalBox, and is fully tested with VMware player